Popular destinations

Aviation Club Hirt


You can pass fantastic hours in airy heights with the members of the aviation club Hirt. Many different aircrafts offer a lot of fun for thhe whole family.


Homepage: www.lokh.at

Auer von Welsbach museum


This museum invites its visitors to an expedition: the invention of the  incandescent light and the very first metal thread lamp. Let yourself be taken back to the times of this great Austrian genius Dr. Karl Auer von Welsbach.


Homepage: www.althofen.at/welsbach.htm

Friesach – town of castles


Carinthias oldest town with its numerous castles and art monuments and with the aquiferous town moat invites its guests to an expedition  to the past. Particularly the building of a castle with only tools like those used in the Middle Ages is worth being visited.


Homepage: www.friesach.at

The bailey theater of Friesach


High above Friesach in the bailey of Petersberg Castle the bailey theater of Friesach takes place. Every year in July and August more than 10,000 spectators watch works of classic world literature.



Homepage: www.burghofspiele-friesach.at

Dance of Deaths Museum in Metnitz


This little museum hides a very special treasure: Here you can see the original frescos of dance of death pictures which are 500 years old, watercolour copies from 1885 and a display with copies of frescos of Walter Campidell and Dietrich Wiedergut (1989) and the „Heidelberger Blockbuch“ of 1465.


Homepage: www.metnitz.at



The sailingschool at Längsee


The purpose of this school is to make sailing popular at places where it has not been frequent up to now. This is why we establish sailing at the Längsee and it is perfect for sailing because of its thermal winds. The experience of gliding sweetly and quietly through the water is one of the reasons  why so many people can’t resist the fascinatin of sailing.