Emblem and Colours

The emblem and the colours oft he community of Micheldorf in Carinthia

The community of Micheldorf might be specific in the fact that it was twice granted an arm due to the incorporation in 1973.


The old emblem, which was granted on June 19th, 1963, shows hop cones, a newsprint-roll and sledgehammer and iron.

The hop cone is a reference tot he private brewery Hirt which was founded in 1270. The newsprint-roll is a symbol for the papermill which was founded by Bishop Kahn in 1906 and purchased by the Funder family in 1911.



Sledgehammer and iron were symbols for the mining which once was important in Micheldorf.



Due to the incorporation to Friesach on January 1st, 1973, the right to have this old emblem expired.


On Juli 7th, 1994 the local council applied for another emblem. On Juli 8th, 1995, the official handing-over took place. This new emblem shows the following features:

The emblem shows a black bend sinister covered by a golden grate on a green base which is escorted by a golden hop cone above and a golden spike below.


The bend sinister and the grate are symbols for St. Laurentius (church Lorenzenberg) as St. Laurentius was tortured – according to the legend – on a glowing grate.


The hop cone is a symbol fort he brewery Hirt and the golden spike refers to the rural character of Micheldorf.